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When we first moved to Utah from Russia in 2012, it was hard to find really good honey - honey that reminded us of home.  Honey is a big part of Russian culture and an essential element in every meal.  Almost every Russian family can tell you about a family member who was a beekeeper, including our own! 

Our story began in 2015 with the idea of making our own honey.  We started with a couple of hives in our own backyard.  Those hives gave us enough honey to last our family an entire year. 

We began to connect with the local Russian community here in Utah, and found they were also having a hard time finding the honey they remembered growing up.  It was then that we started producing and selling our own honey.  It meant a lot to us that our honey helped others make a connection to home. 

Our company has grown a lot since then, expanding around Utah and other nearby states.  The number of hives has increased to more than 850, spanning the beautiful Wasatch Mountains here in Utah, as well as Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and California.  Our hives can be found in remote locations, untouched by urban growth and pollution.  We produce almost 4500 gallons of honey each year.

To us, honey represents both family and culture.  We pride ourselves on consistent quality and providing a product that is nourishing and delicious.  Your health and what you put into your body are important.  Our honey is so much more than food. 

Bring some sweetness into your life, and share with us our love of real, raw honey!