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American Raw Honey

Everything we make is sustainably and organically produced here in the United States, in Utah promoting the harmony that exists between bees and people. Over thousands of people have already felt the power of American Raw Honey, and this is only the beginning.


Raw & Unfiltered

Raw unfiltered honey is honey in its most natural state, which provides a wholesome composition of healthy bacteria, vitamins and minerals that otherwise are removed when honey undergoes pasteurization and filtration. All honey collected from our bee yards is raw, unfiltered, unheated honey, and we preserve its useful properties to provide health and wellness in every spoon.

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Pure & Natural

Every year, we deliver almost 4500 gallons of natural raw organic honey that doesn’t have any artificial additives or flavors. Carefully strained to remove foreign debris, our raw unpasteurized honey creates a new standard of natural purity. You’ll receive robust, delicious flavor, healthy nutrition and bio-active, high in enzymes and polyphenols natural honey grown in a four-season climate - all in one jar!

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Locally Harvested

From our family to yours! 850+ beehives work every harvesting season in remote locations of Nevada, Oregon, and our home, the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, to deliver raw natural honey from our family-run apiaries to your family table. We stand by the values of true American craftsmanship and traditional beekeeping to sustain the supreme quality of the honey we make.

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See what people are saying!

Unbelievable quality! It is really miracle of the Nature! Very rich aroma, soft battery texture, amazing aftertaste lasting long vitamins inside of this natural product. Thank you!

Elizabeth P.

The best honey in US

This is a real elixir of life! First, delicious! Secondly, it gives so much energy that you become like a battery Energizer! The composition of the three components is perfectly balanced. Very high-quality product!

Olivia I.

Royal Blend

Delicious!!! Simply the best honey comparing with all types of honey which I tried before. And I agree with Ivanna P. "the same taste I remember from childhood". My grandpa also was a beekeeper.

Anastasia G.

Great honey!

As natural and tasty as it can be. Crisp and flavorful it is naturally thick enough to created layers and the texture is just amazing. Definitely shows that the people behind this brand are knowledgeable.

Sasha K.

The best honey in US