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American Raw Honey LLC is our 15-year-old family business for the production and sale of natural honey from the UTAH state.

Our production capacity is limited by the size of our production. Together we produce a few tons of raw honey per year, and a small amount of beekeeping products, such as: propolis, pollen, squeezed wax, wax, royal jelly. 

 The UTAH state is the wild west of America - mountains, clean air, meltwater from glaciers, snow caps all year round and rich herbage.

Our Mountain Bases are located at altitudes from 1300 to 2000 m above sea level. We choose places to collect away from life, in pure gardens from chemistry, or we try to satisfy your requests - we export bees to other states to collect special varieties - such as buckwheat honey.  

Initially, in the spring, bees get a good development in the pollination of walnut plantations in California. The honey collected from the first almond-colored honey in the year is very helpful for the puffiness of the bee-farm, in April-May our pchal families are gaining strength and begin to swarm in May-June.

In 2017, we brought the number of hives to 850. It is not recommended to keep together more than 150 families, so we put bees on different apiaries, and we get different tastes of honey.

This year we put apiaries in: Farmington, UTAH; Saratoga Springs, UTAH; Salem, UTAH; Park City, UTAH; Mt Pleasant, UTAH; Scofield Reservoir, UTAH. To collect buckwheat, we removed 50 families to neighboring Oregon. 

 In 2018, we plan to agree and put the hives on a farm with lavender, acacia and linden. 


The main thing we are guided by in the work is to do everything blessed, and on conscience, for people.

Do not really want to give honey to wholesalers resellers. They will overheat the honey and send it to retail chains. 

People have the right to get REAL HONEY.


 Ordering honey from us you will receive

+ natural honey from UTAH apiaries

+ product quality guarantee

+ guarantee of naturalness of honey

+ prompt delivery and individual approach to each.

Certificate of registration for FOOD ESTABLISHEMENT issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food - has the number: # 119941 until December, 31. 2018

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Our label shows COCOPELLI :-)

Kokopelli - one of the deities of fertility, usually depicted in the form of a hunched man playing the  flute . It is revered by many indigenous American tribes of the   United States . Like most deities of fertility, Kokopelli patronizes both procreation and agriculture. To all other things, he is a trickster (that is, in every way he violates the established laws and is quite happy about it).


In the mythology of  Hopi , Kokopelli on its back carries women who have not yet born children (because of what young girls are afraid of death).